S-Power provide a set of iPhone audio port interface ICs for building remote control system with smart phone system including iPhone and Android. This low cost system allows iPhone applications to be developed without APPLE INC project registration, using the phone jack in smart phone. The smart PMU in this IC set allows very low power system to be design, which virtually does not consume any energy when no signals are transmitted from iPhone to the audio port dongle.

iPhone Remote Control

Part No Function Quiescent Current Operating Voltage Output Output Form Package
BG4N1011 Audio Signal Interface ‹1uA 2.7V (from audio Port) 2.7 to both PMU and Signal Conditioner Delayed Digital to PMU Analog to Signal Conditioner SOT-23-3
BG7S320 Power Management Unit ‹1uA 2 ~ 5V Battery VDD Analog Power SOP-8
BG4N6011 Signal Conditioner ‹1uA 2 ~5V VDD -0.2V Digital SOT-23-5