The BG1WGA07 is a ultra ¬compact GPS module based on the latest low power TI NL5550 PG1.0 GPS chipset. It can tracks up to 24 satellites si¬multaneously to provide the highest accuracy location information.

It oper¬ates as host based GPS with minimum host CPU requirements.

GPS Receiver Module

Part No Input range Current consumption Autonomous Performance (TTFF) (CEP95) Tracking sensitivity Supported Frequencies Power up time Package
BG1WGA07 2.3~4.8V 76.5mA @ Acquisition
50.0mA @ Tracking
6.5mA @ Idle
36s @ -130dBm
45s @ -140dBm
110s @ -145dBm
6.4s @ -130dBm
8.2s @ -140dBm
18.1s@ -145dBm
-161.5dBm 13, 16.368, 19.2, 26, 32.736, 38.4, 52 (MHz) 5ms 6.1×7.6×1.35mm