We can support Bluetooth 4.0 (Bluetooth Low Energy, BLE) both turnkey and design-phase specific services; Smartphone Apps (iOS or Android) and MCU development.

S-Power Electronics Limited is an innovative company focusing on technologies and solutions for wireless applications and other advanced electronics applications for embedded devices.

S-Power designs and manufactures customized, performance-critical, robust, ultra-low power embedded Bluetooth modules to customers who need highly integrated systems to meet wireless and portable devices space requirements. We contribute to shorten customer’s product development cycle and accelerate their product’s time-to-market with highly integrated modules capable of the best in class RF sensibility and power consumption profiles.

S-Power has achieved favorable reputation by providing innovative products and outstanding customer service at competitive prices to our customers in Medical & Health Care, Lighting, Automotive, Fitness & Sports Measurement & Data Acquisition and Consumer Electronics markets.

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S-Power's product offers for device manufacturers, system integrators and operators a way to set-up wireless Bluetooth based communication systems between devices, networks, and machines.


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S-Power understands that every application has its special needs. S-Power is dedicated to offer several application specific features for: Health, Lighting, Audio and Automotive Marketing


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S-Power provides product and integration support to ensure that our customers meet and exceed project targets.



May 24, 2012
S-Power Electronics Limited becomes Associate Member of Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG)...

Apr 13, 2012
S-Power releases Bluetooth Low Energy Module BG312L. This modules integrates Bluetooth low energy...

Contact Info
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Hong Kong Office Address:
Unit 513,
No.8 Science Park West Avenue,
Hong Kong Science Park,
Shatin, N.T., Hong Kong
Phone: (852)3595-1823
Fax: (852)2661-9845

Shenzhen Office Address:
Room 311, 3/F, Building 203,
Tairan Industrial Park,
Tairan 4th Rd, Chegongmiao,
Futian District,
Shenzhen, Guangdong, China.
Tel: (755) 82945258
Fax: (755) 82945058

Email: sam@s-power.com.hk
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